About Us

kate cross hearrings

Kate Cross, an independent hearing aid audiologist based in the South West of England, has worked with jewellery designer Victoria Glynn to create the collection of Hearrings.

Kate has worn hearing aids since she was ten. Her early experiences shaped Kate’s passion and enthusiasm for helping others with hearing loss. Kate decided to create the collection of accessories, called ‘Hearrings’. These pieces of jewellery allow the hearing aid wearer to accessorise their hearing aids to match their outfit.

Kate said; “Being partially deaf myself, I am committed to challenging the negative perceptions often associated with hearing aids, and to also allow hearing aid wearers the choice of choosing a discrete hearing aid or to make a fashion statement, in the same way as people with poor eyesight can choose between contact lenses or spectacles. Hearrings are jewellery pieces that can be attached to the ear moulds of behind the ear hearing aids. The wearer needs a specially adapted ear mould that Audiologists can easily order from MINERVA LABORATORIES. We intend to extend the range of Hearrings even further, giving wearers even more choice.”